From helpless newborn to active toddler, It takes just 12 short months for acquiring motor, communication and social skills. Baby's grow and change wonderfully, every month brings new changes, giving way to exciting development of baby.

New moms and dads are often worried about their baby's development, as is going on in right way or not. Focussing too much on development milestones, it is important for parents to remember that every child progress at their own pace.

Some baby reaches one milestone sooner and other milestone later, as the baby is busy in perfecting the other skill. Some babies start walking before completing one year other may start walking between 12 months to 18 months .

So, parents don't be too stressed keeping these variations in mind, let's just see what all developments your baby goes through in their first year.


Baby Development: Newborn to Three Months

During first phase of development, baby's body and mind are learning to live in the outside world. Let's just see what all changes baby go through in this phase:

  • Start blinking eyes

  • Start bonding with mom's voice

  • Hearing gets fully developed

  • Black and white patterns draw more attention

  • Turns and lifts head while lying on stomach

  • Responses to rolling, singing, etc

  • Starts smiling

  • Tracks parents with eyes

  • Makes first sound

  • Grip objects in hand


Baby Development: Four to Six months

  • Improvement in hand and eye co-ordination

  • Holds head and can do mini push ups

  • Roll over from front to back and back to front

  • Babble, making sounds that can sound like real language

  • Recognize cause and effect, i.e. smile in return of smile

  • Self calms by sucking hands

  • Reach out for and grab objects or toys

  • Sit up with support and have great head control

  • Can start showing tantrums

  • Follows moving object with eyes

  • May start teething


Baby Development:-Seven to Nine Months

  • Starts to crawl

  • Sit without support

  • Clap and play games

  • Stands with assistance

  • Immitates sound

  • May hold own bottle to feed

  • Reacts to strangers

  • Responds to familiar words

  • Points with index finger

  • Can deliberately drop toys

  • Starts semi-solid food

  • Transfer objects hand to hand

  • Picks objects with thumb and side of forefinger

Baby Development: Ten to Twelve Months

  • Starts to move around the room while holding furniture

  • Starts drinking from cup

  • Shows seperation anxiety from parents

  • Respond to request such as wave bye-bye

  • Finds hidden toys in the blanket

  • Baby points at objects in order to grab attention

  • Says "MAMA" and "DADA" and understands "NO"

  • Begin "pretend play" by coping you, such as pretending to talk on phone

  • Attempts to feed self through spoon in a very messy way

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