Many times children do not adjust to the family environment just because of bad parenting. Children who are victims of bad parenting from an early age show tendency of developing criminal behavior and poor inclination towards academics. Children may suffer from some diseases included low self-esteem. Every parent should need to settle their argument in private. Bad parenting can provoke children to indulge in antisocial behavior.

So in this article, we are going to explain bad parenting and how to deal with itIf your children are showing aggressive behavior and disrespect then you need to improve your parenting skill. Read full article till the end to improve parenting and figure out your mistake towards children.


Criticism of children in public:

Many of Indian parent generally criticize their children in front of the public. They just wanted to improve their child by doing it but it may Forcibly depress your child. Children think that their parent does not love them and they do not respect their thought.

Never Laugh on Children’s Imagination:

Generally, parents not serious about children imagination and they just laugh. Parents laugh every time when their children supposed to be a billionaire in future. Children are just soft-hearted and when they saw their parents make the joke of their thought then they have broken from inside. So please never laugh on your champ imagination, it will help them to improve self-esteem.

Anger Control By Parent:

If a parent showing so much anger in front of their child then lil champ are suffered from low self-esteem. It is a common issue in Indian parenting that they are aggressive, shouting and hitting the kids and children may fall into negativity. It may affect your children mental growth and kids do not develop the skills to deal with disappointment, anger, and negativity.

So that's what we discuss about. Hope you like it. Feel free to Commenting your view.

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