Parenting is such a difficult task but being a father is like walking on ice. Every person keep talking about mother sacrifices but nobody praises the duty of a father. Father sacrifice equally to mother but never highlighted by children. They are always behind the stage.

Everyone concordant on one point that parenting is an equal duty for both father and mother. So in order to improve parenting and increase your role as a father, we are suggested the 3F technique for every father. In this particular article, we are going to suggest some advice to improve your father role.


Friendly Nature - It is a must rule for every Indian father just because most of them are rude and strict. Your behavior should be polite to children just because they learned what they see. Friendly nature doesn't mean that you forget every mistake and not punish your child. Friendly means you appreciate your champ, calm in every situation, Play game.

Fun Time - Everyone is busy in work but only a few manage their time. Try to set manage extra time on a regular basis to do some fun activity with your child. It can be a Playing game or Gardening. While you spent some time with your child, it's easy to evaluate interest and future of your champ.

Focus On Future - Indian father always worries about their children future. Ib order to secure future, a responsible father save money for their child. Money is not enough to build strong future, a father has to determine their children interest and support them.

Parents are just a coach, not a player so let your child face the problem and tell them to find the solution himself. So that's all about 3F technique to improve father role, hope you like it. Don't forget to LikeComment and Share this post.

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