Our Little One’s Birthday on the block…..

Birthdays are beautiful milestones to celebrate LIFE. Children look forward to their Birthdays each year with tremendous zeal as they start the countdown months ahead of their birthday. Being the cynosure works as a huge confidence booster for kids making them feel extra special and above all create memories that last a lifetime. Parents are over the moon in seeing their kids happy and try to make this day extra-special. They invite their child's best buddies and throw the best party ever with amazing food & games for their precious little one.

In today’s time Birthdays have become a big hullabaloo with a long to-do-list. A very exciting affair in finalizing the appropriate theme, the guest list, decor, balloons, caps, food, games etc and most importantly the return gifts. The highlight of any birthday party are these gifts – be it the birthday gifts or the return gifts. Just as the birthday kid gets excited with the gifts , their buddies too get super excited about the birthday-return-gifts.


We all look out for gifts that are attractive, unique, useful and definitely within our budget!


A Return gift is a wonderful token of appreciation to thank your guests for gracing the occasion and it also serves as a memento of your Birthday Party, making the selection of an appropriate return gift an extremely important task.

But in reality this can get quite hectic and time consuming. And we all think to put together our best in compiling a list of appropriate return gifts for your toddler’s birthday party.

Here is a list of some GREAT AND UNIQUE Return Gift Ideas for the party.


  • Arts & Crafts Return Gifts

  • Lunch Bags

  • Cool and Funky Coin wallets

  • Mini Treat Bas

  • DIY Kits

  • Writing Pad Colouring Kit

  • Artwork Candles

  • Legos

  • Glitter Pens

  • Kaleidoscope

  • Glow in the Dark Stars

  • Kids Cutlery Set

  • Coin Banks

  • Board Games

  • Magnets


Few useful tips for your toddler’s party:-


  • It’s always good to have a few extra gifts as we it is always better to be prepared for more guests.

  • Ask other parents to stay on as handling too many kids can be quite the task.

  • A first-aid kit should be kept handy, in case of any accidents.

  • Serve the food/drink as soon as the guests arrive and clear it quickly right after they are done.

  • Have activity planned for the parents too, as they might get bored while waiting the party to end.

We wish your little one a very Happy Birthday and hope our article helped you in planning for the big day.

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