The most awaited part of the school year, summer vacations, is here. With the heat rising higher every day, everyone wants to stay indoors and stay cool. With the schools closed for a month and a half, it becomes a long, long time for the children to pass and even longer for the parents. Mothers everywhere have the same worry, that of having the children home the whole day for the whole vacations. Holiday homework is given by the schools so as to keep the kids busy during the vacation and make it a fruitful time for them. But kids, as fun-loving as they are, keep it until the very last moment to finish it.


The problem, here, arises of how to pass this time, and make it a fruitful vacation. Well, not to worry, there are plenty of things that kids can do which would not only be fun, but would make them learn something or the other.




Swimming: A great way to beat the heat, swimming is not only fun but a great exercise too. Summer vacation is the best time to go for swimming or take up swimming lessons. The kids, being free, can conveniently opt for swimming classes during these days. In the process, they would learn something really important. And instead of spending the time lazily at home, they would readily go outside and indulge in a physical activity, which is necessary for their growth. Moreover, they would remain energetic and healthy because after all, swimming is the best exercise.



Baking: You can admit the kids into baking classes or just teach them at home about baking. This would interest them a lot because they would learn to make their favourite things, like cakes and cookies, by themselves. This way, they won’t demand for new things to eat every day. Instead, they would make it for themselves. This would help them become self-sufficient and they would learn to manage things on their own. And the best part? The whole family gets to eat yummy food and the kids learn something. Also, the mothers get some relief from daily demands and work.



Painting: What can be a better way to spend time than painting? Almost all of the kids love painting and playing with colours. This vacation, give them a new challenge, like trying a different style or medium of painting. They can try glass painting and paint their favourite mugs and glasses at home, or just paint their room’s window panes. Or, they could try charcoal pencils and crayons and create their own masterpieces. Not to forget marble painting, which is extremely fun as art is created by rolling painted marbles on a sheet of paper and creating new designs.

You could even assign a small portion or a wall for the children to paint according to their will and no one would be happier than them at this permission.




Informative and brain games: Indulge children in a learning board game, like World Safari orScrabble, or any science games or games that would increase their general knowledge or analytical skills. The kids would not only have fun playing them, but these will also help increase their knowledge and skills. The kids would remain occupied in a good way and by playing with them, you could all spend quality time as a family, which is extremely important for the overall development of a child.



Essay writing: Writing efficiently is one of the most important skills that a child should be able to learn during his/her schooling years. Essay writing is a very efficient practice for enhancing the writing skills and during this vacation, the kids should focus on this activity too. To help make it interesting, you could give them topics that they find interesting, like :

their favourite TV shows

their favourite movies

visit to a place they liked

if for one day, the kids became parents and parents became children

list of their wishes and why they wish these things

You could also have siblings write essays together and give each other, topics of their choice. This way, it would be like a game and become interesting.




Room decoration: Kids would love this idea as they would be able to make their room just as they like. This sense of freedom is good for the child’s growth and development too. You could bring some decoration items like posters, paints, wallpapers, craft items, cork boards etc. Or just change the setting of the room for a refreshing, new change. Just give the child his/her liberty of choice, so that they can make the room as personal to themselves as they like. They would love doing it as it would be completely related to them and their choice. They could even make things like wind chime, dream catcher or just a flower pot and decorate their room.



Travel: Summer vacation is the best time of the year for another reason: you get to travel. Be it to a hill station to escape the heat or a trip to nani’s place, a vacation without travel seems incomplete. It rejuvenates the mind and also, is great fun. Moreover, a new place stores new things to learn. Also, you could teach children things like how to pack their own bags etc.



Summer camp: Summer camps provide great activities to do during summers. These could include different classes for personality development and skill development. Moreover, in such camps children get to meet new people and make friends with. A child becomes independent doing things on his/her own and hence, grows in the process.



Summer is a great time to work on oneself and have fun in the process. Hence, this time to be ideally utilized.

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