Kids are picky about food, and it feels like a battle zone feeding a kid. Kids need healthy food full of nutrition to grow perfectly and healthy. So children's diet must be well balanced. it should be full of nutrition as well as tasty. In this particular article we are going to spell out some Healthy Diet plan for kids.

So there are two things which you need to know-

  1. How to get your kid to eat healthy food.

  2. What nutrition do kids need and what’s the best source?

So here's the first thing, How to make your kid eat nutritious food-

Kid's see and learn from people around them mostly parents, so you can't eat samosa or a burger and expect your child to eat oatmeal. So you need to set a perfect example by eating what you want your kid to eat. Take all unhealthy things like soda, cold drink, chips and namkeen out and keep it out of your kid's reach. Keep healthy things like Milk, Fruits, Fruit Juices available in your fridge.

Food presentation should be good too. Include colorful vegetables tomato, Capsicum, carrots and radishes in your dishes. Breakfast is must and skipping breakfast increases chances of diabetes. So grow a habit of having healthy breakfast including eggs, cereal, peanut butter, sandwich and likes of these.

And last thing focus on entire diet instead of dishes or meals. prepare meals keeping in mind their total nutritious value and now the main thing what are nutritious and what must be avoided? you can make healthy drinks with blending bananas with milk, or home made pure fruit juices.

You must keep sugar controlled in your kid's diet, don't entirely remove it but keep it in control. Added sugar packaged item must be avoided. Instead of Unhealthy food you can give them healthy alternatives like Baked Fries instead of French fries, baked chips instead of fried chips. Nuts and grams can be included too.


For Vitamins needs- you should add Eggs, Milk, Liver, Carrot, Orange Tomato, Strawberries, Avocado and Whole grains. Fruits, nuts and meat too.

For Minerals Needs- Bananas, Milk and other dairy products, meat, sea foods, beans, nuts and breakfast cereals.

For Protein Needs- Pulses, Soybean, Milk, Yogurt, Eggs, Fish and other Sea Foods, Beans.

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