Birthday is a great day of happiness for a child, the day for which a child waits for the whole year, the day which is his/her day, the day wh en everyone tries to make him/her special, birthday parties are a great boost to any child's self-esteem. The day when they feel like a King/Queen. Birthday is the day full of fun, joy, cake , party, new dresses, chocolates, cookies, lots of gifts, and memories to cherish the whole year, Apart from these happiness to your child it is a great tuff job to plan a party for your special one, Here I bring you some ideas to make it out,

  1. DECIDE A THEME : Planning the theme first is the best idea because everything then is a simple way out, once the theme is decided then the party becomes easy to plan and execute, Deciding the theme is the foremost important thing in the party plan. You can go with any theme that your kid likes a cartoon character, a movie character, a color theme or anything that your child likes. Have All Types of Birthday Supplies by Themes Like Doraemon, Halloween, Happy Birthday, Hot Wheels, Incredibles, Jungle, Party Time, Pirate,Power Puff Girls, Power Rangers, Princess, Smile, Spiderman, Superman.Tom and Jerry, Tweety, Ultimate SpiderMan Premium, Under water, Republic Day, Christmas etc.

  2. GUEST LIST : Plan your guest list of whom to invite to the party, though your friends and family is important but make sure that the party is for your kid so the guest list should include all his friends, apart from his/her friend make sure the sibling is also comfortable .invite his/her friends too.

  1. VENUE : Home, Garden, Party Hall or Restaurant. The party venue is the next most important thing to plan as everything then goes accordingly. Plan a venue according to your convenience and budget, the venue should be in your conveniences as well as the guests convenience.

  2. INVITATION CARDS : Invitation cards today are a new trend now, you can also have invitation cards matching your theme, and remember the party is for kids and the cards should compliment it.

  3. PLAN THE DAY : Plan the whole day and your and everyone in the organizing committee, make a schedule so that everything goes in a planned manner, Plan it from morning to noon and noon to evening, the starting to the end of the party, Assign the work as who is to do what ?

  4. FOOD ; Food is a important part of any party, when it comes to a birthday-party Cake becomes the foremost, You can also order a cake that fits to your theme to the party remember that the party is for kids and the menu should contain things that kids like. Kids are choosy consider having more options for them in the menu, Keep it Yummy as well as Healthy.

  5. DECORATION : Atmosphere and Ambiance makes everything awesome . Once you've chosen a theme, use a little creativity to set the scene. Make it compliment your theme, Live cartoon characters are in trend now the walk all around the place and entertain kids and have fun with them.Party Supplies Available on , You Can Check there and Plan Accordingly.

  6. PLAN THE ACTIVITIES: parties are all about fun make your party a big hit with certain small activities for the guest. Kids love playing game and you can plan out certain things keeping in mind the age group of the guests. Kids showing their talent is the best way out let them have a chance to express-out, let them feel the fun and know that it is all for them.

  7. THE SHOPPING LIST:When all the things are planned out you will exactly get the idea about the shopping, now you can easily make a shopping list off what to buy and in what quantity, remembering your food , decor, venue and menu make a shopping list containing all the things you would need, Making the list shop the things according to the plan.

  8. PLAN THE GOODBYE : Making memories is the best part about the parties, plan a proper goodbye to your guest of the party, A new trend now is a Return-Gift, Bring smile to the little guests coming to your home by giving them a Return-Gift, That You can Buy From

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