Being parent is like a blessing from God but it is a very responsible task too. Indian parent always put extra effort in parenting, they care more, think more and expect more. But in this more thing, Indian parent forget to spend some fun time with their children.

In this particular article, we are going to suggest some valuable tips for better parenting. The reader can ask any query related to parenting So please give 5 minutes to read this valuable article.


  • Try to set manage extra time on a regular basis to do some fun activity with your child. It can be a game or Gardening.

  • Never disagree about discipline in front of the children.

  • Don't Rude to your children. It's okay to punish children but it doesn't mean you are beating your champ.

  • Don't Force them to study every time they are a human being, not a machine.

  • Never ever compare your champ with another child, believe us that is the only reason for revulsion. Every child is a special one.

  • Both of you should have an equal share in the responsibility of Parenting. Indian parent is made of 70% of mother and 30% of the father. So let make equality.

  • Marks are just a number, not a certificate of success or intelligence So don't expect every time 1st position in the class.

  • Most of the children are don't like regular house food So try to make the same dish with some experiment. So your child loves to eat Daal Roti.

  • Remember that your behavior serves as a model for your children’s behavior. So be a role modal for your children.

  • Educate them about society culture, especially about crime like rape and recite them your mobile number So they would safe always.

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