Everybody wants to be success, famous, and happiness. We can say other factor may be achieved but when clock goes on term like peace, joy, and happiness it would be difficult to engage. Only few people know about the key of happiness. Many of us are suffering from tension and depression. A small kid is a happiest person in your family. They are not suffering from failure or depression because they just live their life with joy.

Learn Life lesson from children for happiness in life:

So in this particular post we are going to reveal the secret behind overcome your failure and joy. Secrete is hidden in name. The word CHILD and its meaning describing all queries.


First letter in child is “C” that mean curiosity. We all know one thing about children that they are very curious about everything. They never stop questioning to anybody until they satisfy with answer. Curiosity is a perfect medicine for minimize your failure. Curiosity is starting phase of creativity. So go ahead to questioning around your nature.


Second letter of child implies for Happiness. Children are very flexible in term of celebrating every moment of life. They are never tried to live calculating life. They express what they feel and that’s why children have always smiles on their face. So keep a promised to yourself that you are going to enjoy every moment of life no matter its bad or good time. Keep smiling and fed up to other.

  • I – IDIOT

Very important letter among all because many time we assumed that being idiot is not suitable for mature. Children are never think too much about society they just do what they wants to do. Some time being a crazy or idiot is very helpful to minimize depression.

  • L – LOYAL

The letter “L” consists of strong mean of loyalty. Children are always loyal to themselves. According to many research if we are not loyal to ourselves than we are never going to taste the flavor of success. So keep loyal to yourselves and feel the joy of peace.


Decision making is a real difference between success and failure. Decision making is a part to describing our view and opinion. We all are agreeing at one point that Children are stubborn and they are keep fight until they don’t get it. So make your own decision and trying to make them right.

So that’s the life lesson from child to everyone. If you felt obliged than feel free to Share and Comment on this post.

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