Either i would be a working mom - who would continue to provide 'financial support' for my family and further advance of coloured feathers in my career, or would I stay at home as the full-time care provider?

It was the most difficult decision i had to take...Finally i followed my heart and chose to stay home with my kid who needs me the most at that time in this whole world.

I am proud of being many things in life but nothing beats being a mother.Here are some benefits i enjoyed staying at home:

## I used to HATE commuting. It feels like such a big task and consumes so much of my time.

I use to leave my house before the traffic started to build up and return home after the traffic died down. That increased the length of my work day, and my commute was still at least 45 minutes each way.It was too hectic and stressful for me.

But by staying at home i feel bit relaxed and got almost a half day back in my life which i enjoy with my kid.


## Saving Money:

When I decided to stay at home with my kid, my husband and I knew money conditions would be tight with only one income, but I was determined to try.

I was surprised when i saw my earlier bills that i use to spent on my daily needs.Since i use to work for a professional firm, I did have to look presentable and wear professional clothing and makeup. We had fancy lunch meetings and various parties that required wedding and baby gifts.Apart from this i use to spend thousands on fuel that has to be filled in my car on weekly basis.

If i plan to rejoin i have to keep someone at my home for my kid or have to send my child to a dashing day care which is again a another big expense.

Instead, the only things I spend more money on as a stay at home mom are utilities.


##Time Management:

If i would not have left my job I would miss out on the first months of my child’s life, and I would never be able to get that back. Although I’m busy all day long, but my schedule allows me to spend more time with my friends and family.


## Enjoying Motherhood:

Motherhood is an experience a woman needs to enjoy because of the intangible joy involved in the process.The road to maternity is one such precious experience that not only comes with the perks of becoming a mother, but also has the onus of bringing up a baby responsibly.

It is not that 24X7 i will have to be at my baby's service. When the baby is asleep, i get some quality time for myself like i call a beautician at home and take foot spa, head massage, manicure, pedicure services etc that helps me to feel relax.


## Spending more time with my child:

Working from home gives a total investment in your family life.It helps to strengthen the bond between mother and child.Mother plays a big role for children’s milestones, triumphs and challenges and will be their biggest influencer before they start school. Consider the quality time you will enjoy doing crafts, going on picnics and road trips. you’ll develop a closer relationship with your hubby or partner, too. It’s a win-win scenario for every family member.


## No more multi tasking:

A work life and home life balance can be tricky. Being a mother involves incessant multi-tasking and routinely compiling mental to-do lists. As a stay-at-home mother, you can focus on what’s in front of you and enjoy the life.


Let me love you a little more before you are not little anymore.I am so proud of the funny,caring ,independent and gorgeous little human being you are becoming. Writer : Priyanka Gupta

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