Indian mother are more conscious about their children. We all are loves our mom and as a mother every mother love their child unconditionally. We all know that mother is first teacher of children so in this article we are going to tell some necessary things that you must inform to your children.


In India, parenting is more dependent on mother compare to father in terms of child care. Every lady sacrifice lots of thing in their life to feel the motherhood. Indian mother son relation like a mother's love to her child. So as a responsible Indian mother you have to tell some tips to your children.

Your Experience or Struggle:


Many time mothers don’t tell the real story of their own life to child. They think that it’s not important for child to know their parents struggle but in a serious note if you share some of your life experience than it will very helpful to your champ.

Tell About Culture:


Now day children know everything about technology but only few kid know about their culture. In India, it’s a duty of every mother to educate their child about culture, ordination or sacrament.

Educate About Local Language:


It’s an ordinary thing to a child for studying in English medium school in India. Modern age child learn and easily talk in English and Hindi. English and Hindi is compulsory language for everyone but local language like Marwari, Marathi, or Guajarati are very important to know our culture.

Your Life Your Belief:


It’s very important to tell our children that what our religion, our pray method, and belief. It is an only way to fed up value in our children. Knowledge about religion also helps child to spell out what happening around them.

Recite Fairytale story:


It is your duty to spend quality time with children. Indian mother and child have a concrete bond always. children of india also love kids story and internet can easily provide children story book. Every Indian mother should recite or tell children that fairy tale story or playing game with champ. Tell a kids story from story book for kids also you can tell children stories.

Parenting is not a tough duty but not every parent could able to give their best. Don’t judge yourself just love this precious phase of life.

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