Movie is the best way to spell out world around us. Children love to watch movie but as we know every hindi movie not made for kid. Many movies contain adult drama and as a responsible parent we should careful about which types of film are good to watch for kid. So in this particular article we are going to share some best bollywood movies for children which is not only entertaining but also fed up value in children.


Children love to watch funny, non-fiction and childish type film. Parents want to bring suitable cinema for kid. So we collect a perfect list of film with joy and fun included. Here the list of some Bollywood movies based on children genre:

  • STANLEY KA DABBA (2011):

  • A fourth grade student name Stanley was a fun loving kid and popular among friend circle. The story based on Stanley and his Tiffin box. He was favorite student of class because of his funny essay, smile and lovely poem. He was very creative but couldn’t reward for his imagination.

    • THANKS MAA (2010):

  • This film was released on 2010 with lots of emotions. Story about five friend name MUNCIPARTY, SODA SURSURI, CUTTING & DEDH SHAANA. All five kid struggling in their life and munciparty lead among all children from front.

    • DELHI SAFARI (2012):

Delhi safari was very cute & lovable movie for kid. It was animated movie based on animals. Group of animal decide to discuss their problem with parliament so they planned a trip to Delhi. These are few latest bollywood movies for children.

List has not finish try more hindi film which is mention below.

  • I AM KALAAM (2010)

  • GATTU (2011)


  • CHILLAR PARTY (2011)

  • DHANAK (2015)

  • BUMM BUMM BOLE (2010)


So these are some better movie in Bollywood for every kid to watch. Even parents also watch these movie and spent quality time with children. Stay tune for more post like this.

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