Parents are always worried about how to improve their positive parenting. Sometimes parents do everything but it can't work we only know one way. we have to concordant this Quote "Love your children equally, but treat them uniquely. They're individuals". So in this particular post we are going to express the Real gesture behind Positive parenting.


Don't try to fix everything

Indian Parent wants to fix everything for their child by own way. Believe us children get angry by always involving your way of solution so keep allow your kids area and encourage them for solving problem. It’s a duty for parents to always be there in any condition but let children make their own path. Give young kids a chance to find their own solutions.

Teach your baby to sign

So many parents should not understand the proper meaning of this point. As we all know a small kid usually can’t talk properly so with the help of a design your champ will tell you the need. Simple sign or a drawing by child can help us to know what our child want and what they feel. Sometime parents are flustered because their child crying all the day so with the help of sign you can reduce frustration.

Don't accept disrespect from your child

It’s a major problem of now days that little champ don’t respect older person. Indian parents always worried about such things so never allow your little kid to be rude or say hurtful things to you or anyone else in the family. If child does, tell them firmly that you will not allow any form of disrespect.

Be the role model your children deserve

Just think about it who is your role model … your parent… isn’t it? So same method applies on your children too, it’s your duty to maintain a proper personality in front of children. Kids learn by watching their parents. Modeling appropriate, respectful, good behavior works much better than telling them what to do.

Play with your children

Most of parents have lack of time and that’s why they can’t manage to give time to their child. Make a strong rule in your time table that somehow you will spend quality time with your kids. Let them choose the activity, and don't worry about rules. Just go with the flow and have fun. That's the name of the game.

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