By giving a return gift to your guests, you're letting them know that you appreciate their presence and their good wishes during the happiest moments of your kid's life. 

You know very well that if the return gift is unique and creative then it is cherished by everyone. Even though it may be a long time ago still the memories stay with them and that’s special. Every time coming up with something new and creative gift ideas can be difficult, as a parent you have to plan a lot in the list from invitations to cake to the birthday décor and in this finding a return gift that plays an important role to make any party awesome can be a headache. Hereafter it won’t be a headache. At giftoo you will find countless exciting return gifts ideas to give to your little guests.
Here are some top 10 unique return gifts ideas all under 50 Rs.


Stationery kits are considered the best return gift for kids. They are not just affordable but also very useful gifts for kids. A stationery kit includes pens, pencils, colors and so much more. A stationery gift is a very useful gift as children can use these items for academic purposes also. At giftoo there are so many options in the stationery set as per the various price range and designs also there are separate sets for both girls and boys.


We all remember that as a kid how we used to insist for a new pencil case every time during a new school year to get a better one. Also, some use to lose their case or their stationery by the time the school year ended. So, adding a pencil case as a return gift is an excellent chance to make kids happy as they are hoping for the same. Check out our various pencil cases that will help kids their writing supplies organized.


Many stories we used to read in our childhood are still fresh with us. They did teach us a lot. Whether the stories are short or long, a storybook can develop invaluable skills in the child. A storybook is a gift that won't be languished away a week later just like how toys end up. Even though they finished reading the book they will be revisiting it with the same excitement and will learn something new every time.
Storybooks never get old or stop working so go ahead and gift fantastic storybooks to the kids from giftoo.


Gifting a coin pouch as a return gift is definitely a good idea. Kids love to collect coins and this coin pouch will help them conveniently organize their money treats. At giftoo, there are so many coin pouches all under 50 Rs. From plush emoji coin pouch to varieties of different styles. You will definitely find the kid's favorite pouch.


Colorful pens are the prized possessions of most kids as drawing and art is the most fun activity for them. You can make their day by gifting them our 10 in 1 multicolor pen with various color inks. You bet the kids will be very happy to get this.


Our cartoon drawstring bags are the perfect return gift to your children's school friends. Our cartoon print drawstring bags are definitely a hit for kids and there are sure to become kids' favorite gifts.

Our cartoon foldable sunglass is an ideal return gift for children. They will be so happy to be wearing these sunglasses as it is super fun and interesting. A perfect fun item to add to your goody bag.


Kids love stickers, give them these foam stickers that are more exciting and fun than those ordinary adhesive stickers. These foam stickers will add more fun to their art book and also without spoiling their pages. 


If you are looking for a fun return gift then puzzles would be a good choice. Puzzles are really addictive and enjoyable for both children and adults. And also, the great thing is you can get a variety of designs in puzzles. 

Searching for something that is creative and useful for kids then stencils can fit perfectly into these criteria. Stencils can keep kids engaged in building new art and designs and will also keep them away from screens. 

So here were the top 10 unique return gift ideas all under 50 Rs.

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