Homemaking is a full time-job, still an unpaid and unrecognized one. Yet, it is a job that makes a home out of a house and binds the family together. Women, being usually the homemakers of the family, are no less than superwomen who have the answer to every problem of their family. From tending to the children, cooking the meals, laundering clothes, and generally maintaining the home, a homemaker has a very selfless role to play. What happens in this process is that the talents and dreams of the person take a back seat.

Dreams are never meant to be suppressed and hence, you shouldn’t let yours too. Whatever dream you might have had but couldn’t be pursued, can be done at this very moment if you’re ready and determined. Whatever is it you’re good at can be turned into a profession without having to step outside your home. So, you can take care of your family and at the same time, take care of your talents too.

From pickle-making to baking, from teaching science to teaching music, from gardening professionally to selling your craft; there’s a plethora of opportunities that you could avail while being in the comfort of your home.


  • Selling handmade products: If you have the talent and the passion for making things and crafts, then you could give it a platform in the market. You could sell handmade jewelry, handmade crafts, even clothing items for the knitting-lovers out there. Not only is this a great and efficient way of earning money, but also a profitable outlet for your hobbies. It doesn’t require possession of any resources but yourself and your hobby/talent. You could even sell your products online, which is a surefire way of reaching to the masses.


  • Beautician: If you are good at make-up or have always found yourself interested in the glam life, then this is the path for you. All you have to do is simply take a beautician course, which lasts for a month or two and voila! You could just provide services at home, including make-up, beauty treatments etc. You don’t need to have a proper parlour or people working under you. All you need is knowledge of what you are doing and a passion for it.


  • Catering services: If you’re a homemaker, chances are, you are great cook too. You have spent all your time now fulfilling your children’s wishes and cooking their favourite delicacies and making innovative dishes for them. Well, what if you could earn some money while doing it? Along with your family, you could serve the numerous people living away from home, craving for home-cooked food. In the process, those people would benefit by having a touch of home in the food, and you would be able to work professionally. Not to forget the earnings that you would make.


  • Boutique: If you have a taste in shopping and fashion is your go-to place, you could help people with your talent, by opening a boutique. A boutique doesn’t need to be a fancy place, but rather your very own house. You could spare a room or lounge and have the clothes on display there. And since you are shopping-lover and a fashion-freak, people would come to you for clothing options and advice. What you need is your passion for it and a little investment of time and money. But the returns you will get will surely be favourable.


  • Tutoring: One of the most common jobs for homemakers is tutoring. So, if you have a knack or passion for teaching, but don’t have the time or space to be a teacher or professor, tutoring is the job for you. You could choose to teach any subject that is your forte. This not only includes academic subjects, but also tutoring of activities, like music, dance, painting, crafts etc. Whatever is it that you’re good at, you could take up in the form of tutoring. With one-two hours every day, you could earn a good amount and could also get a way to spend your time fruitfully. Because, after all, an empty mind is a devil’s workshop.


  • Open a playschool at your home: You could convert an empty room or courtyard or garden in your home into a playhouse for children. Working parents need a place to leave their children to, during the day. A crèche might not be the first option for many parents, so, you could open up a playhouse in your locality. This would not only be trusted by the parents nearby, but would also, occupy you professionally. And if you love spending time with children, then this could be the best part of your day and also, brighten up your home.


  • Pickle making: Pickle- making is an art mastered by our grandmothers and their grandmothers, and inherited to us. However, everyone is not so fortunate to have a homemade pickle to relish, and this is where the talent of pickle-making comes in handy. Preserved pickles are sure there in the market, but do they have the same taste and feeling of that of a homemade one? If you know how to makes pickles, then you can sell them and earn a good amount. Because not only is there a huge demand, but also a love for everything homemade. So, gear up and put your talents to good use.


  • Writing: Content writing, novel writing, poetry writing, blogging; there are a plethora of options available if you have the talent of creative writing. You don’t need to be professional beforehand for it. If you can express your views on public platforms through writing, then there are a lot of people who would be willing to pay you even if you work from home. What’s even better; content writing can earn you some handsome amounts without much pressure of work. After all, this is the age of internet. This way, you role as a homemaker is also not compromised and you earn sitting in the comfort of your home.


Being a homemaker is not an easy job and hence, doing a full-fledged job becomes almost impossible. These jobs come as a rescue in such a situation, so that you can take care of your family and yourself as well.

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