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Mermaid Magic Zippered Hamper

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🧜‍♀️ **Mermaid Magic Zippered Hamper** - Keep your space tidy and enchanting with this whimsical hamper featuring a magical mermaid design.

📁 **Mermaid A4 File Folder Zipper Bag** - Organize your documents in style with this charming mermaid-themed file folder zipper bag. 

🗓️ **Themed Cartoon Desk Calendar** - Brighten up your desk with this delightful desk calendar adorned with cheerful cartoon characters.

🌈 **Neon Color Pencils (Pack Of 12)** - Add a pop of vibrant color to your artwork with this set of neon color pencils. 

👑 **Princess Perfect Erase: Ocean Set Edition** - Make mistakes disappear with ease using this ocean-themed eraser set fit for royalty. 

🖊️ **Mermaid Printed 8 in 1 Multicolor Pen** - Write, draw, and doodle in style with this mermaid-printed multi-color pen. 

📝 **4ver Writing Infinite Pencil with Inside Eraser** - Experience endless writing possibilities with this innovative infinite pencil featuring an inside eraser.

🌈 **Dreamscape Reusable Sticker Book** - Enter a world of imagination with this reusable sticker book filled with colorful scenes and characters.

Package Contains:

1 x Mermaid A4 File Folder Zipper Bag
1 x Themed Cartoon Desk Calendar: Add Some Cheer to Your Desk!
1 x Neon Color Pencils ( Pack Of 12 ) 
1 x Princess Perfect Erase: Ocean Set Edition 
1 x Mermaid Printed 8 in 1 Multicolor Pen 
1 x 4ver Writing Infinite Pencil with Inside Eraser 
1 x Dreamscape 🌈 Reusable Sticker Book 

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