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Multi-function LED digital Wall & Desk clock

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🕒 Sleek, Modern Design: Elevate your space with this stylish clock, perfect for any room or office.

🔅 Vivid LED Display: Bright, easy-to-read numbers ensure you always know the time, day or night.

Multi-functionality: Features include time, date, temperature, and alarm settings for ultimate convenience.

🧩 Versatile Placement: Mount it on the wall or use the built-in stand for desk or shelf placement.

🔋 Energy Efficient: Low power consumption means longer-lasting performance.

🔄 User-friendly: Simple setup and intuitive controls make it easy to customize your preferences.

🌐 Modern Aesthetic: Complements contemporary decor, adding a touch of sophistication to your environment.

Reliable Timekeeping: Precise quartz movement ensures accurate time, day after day.

Transform your space with this Multi-function LED Digital Wall & Desk Clock, the perfect blend of style and functionality!

    Size: 22.5cm x 8cm x 1.5cm (Approx.)
    Color & Design: White
    Power Supply: Dedicated USB Cable
    Guarantee & Warranty: No
    Package Contains: 1 x Clock + 1 x Stand
                                   1 x USB Cable

             Clock Setup and Features Overview:

    1. Initial Setup:

      • Plug in the clock to power (memory battery optional).
      • Clock automatically lights up and displays full information, then enters clock display mode with a beep.
      • Default date: January 1, 2020; Default time: 12:00 PM (12-hour system).
      • Default alarms: AL1, AL2, AL3 set to 12:00 AM with alarms off.
    2. Time Function:

      • Clock operates in 12-hour or 24-hour mode.
      • To set time, long press "Set" for 2 seconds to enter setting mode, then use "Up" and "Down" buttons to adjust.
      • Long press adjusts quickly, short press adjusts slowly.
    3. Date Function:

      • To set date, while in clock mode, press "Set" until date is displayed, then use "Up" and "Down" to adjust year, month, and day.
    4. Alarm Clock Function:

      • Clock has three alarms: AL1, AL2, AL3.
      • Press "Up" to select alarm and toggle it on/off, long press "Set" to set alarm time.
    5. Brightness Control:

      • Automatic: Between 7 PM and 5:58 AM, brightness is reduced by 70%. Between 6 AM and 6:50 PM, brightness is at maximum.
      • Manual: Long press "Down" in non-setting mode to enter brightness setting. "Lo" is the dimmest, "L3" is the brightest.
    6. Other Features:

      • LED screen displays time, date, and temperature.
      • Can be set up on a desktop or hung on a wall.
      • Power supply: Memory battery CR2032 and DC5V DC power supply.
      • LED screen automatically cycles through time, date, and temperature.
    7. Resetting:

      • To reset the clock to default settings, press the "Reset" button.

    Note: For detailed instructions, refer to the user manual.

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