Trust and Safety at Your Guide to Secure Shopping

Is a reliable platform?

Absolutely! has been serving customers since 2016, ensuring a trustworthy and secure online gifting experience.

Are you a registered business?

Yes, is a registered entity, operating in full compliance with established rules and regulations. Our commitment to transparency and legality sets us apart.

How do I know my payments are secure?

Rest assured, employs authorized payment gateways such as Paytm and Razorpay. Your financial transactions are handled with the utmost security.

Why should I choose prepaid instruments over Cash on Delivery (COD)?

Prepaid instruments offer an additional layer of security, making your transactions safer compared to Cash on Delivery. Choose convenience without compromising on safety.


How to Identify Scam Businesses:

1. Short-Term Social Media Presence:

Be cautious of businesses with very short-lived Instagram or other social media pages. Legitimate businesses tend to have a consistent and established presence over time.

2. Short Validity of Domain Age:

Scam websites often have recently registered domains. Check the domain age and be wary if it's unusually short., on the other hand, has been a reliable platform since 2016.

3. Lack of Trail of Video Postings:

Authentic businesses usually have a continuous trail of video content showcasing their products or services. Scam websites may lack this history. believes in transparency and regularly updates content.

4. Absence of Google Reviews and Feedback:

Check for reviews and feedback on Google or other reputable review platforms. Legitimate businesses like have a consistent presence of positive reviews, showcasing customer satisfaction.


Beware of Impersonation and False Claims:

1. Online Impersonation:

We are aware that some individuals on the internet may falsely claim to be associated with Please note that our official website is, and any other variation is not affiliated with us.

2. False Money Requests: does not request additional money after your purchase. Be cautious of anyone claiming to be from and asking for additional payments. Always shop directly from our official website .

3. Instagram Page:

Our official Instagram page is & Whatsapp is +91-9322990002. Be wary of imposter accounts or individuals claiming to represent on social media. Always verify the authenticity of our social media accounts.

4. Unauthorized Parcel Claims:

If you receive calls from unknown individuals claiming that a parcel from has been delivered, and you haven't placed an order, please do not accept any COD (Cash on Delivery) or make any payments. Report such incidents to us immediately.

5. Customer Care Alert: will never ask for sensitive information or payment details over phone calls. If you receive suspicious calls or messages, please contact our official customer care through the provided channels on our website to verify the authenticity.


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