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Briefcase Themed Stationery Combo /Hamper

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Unleash your creativity with our vibrant 🌈 3-Theme In All Stationery Set (Pack of 10)! ✏️📚 This assorted collection of writing wonders is designed to add a burst of color and inspiration to your every note, sketch, and doodle. 🎨📒

Inside this pack, you'll find a kaleidoscope of stationery joy featuring three captivating themes! 🌟 Dive into the jungle with wildlife-inspired pens, soar to the skies with aviation-themed pencils, and explore the cosmos with space-patterned erasers. 🦓✈️🚀

Each piece is crafted with care and creativity, ensuring that your writing and drawing experience is nothing short of delightful. 🖌️💖 The high-quality materials guarantee smooth lines, vibrant colors, and a touch of whimsy to every stroke.

Perfect for students, artists, or anyone with a penchant for charming stationery, this set is a celebration of variety and fun. 🎉🖍️ With 10 packs in total, you'll have a stationery treasure trove to last through countless notes, sketches, and creative endeavors. 📝🎁

Give the gift of inspiration and joy with our 3-Theme In All Stationery Set – because your writing adventure deserves to be as unique and colorful as you are! 🌈🛍️

Size: 28cm*20.5cm*7.8cm ( Approx )

Color & Design: Animal, Space, Dinosaur, Sea Animal 

Package Contain:

  • 1 x Compass Box
  • 1 x Puzzle Set
  • 6 x Color Pen
  • 12 x Crayon
  • 12 x Pencil Color
  • 1 x Ruler 
  • 1 x Sharpener
  • 1 x Eraser
  • 1 x Notebook
  • 6 x Pencil


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