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Blue Ball Magic Glow in the Dark Blanket

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Introducing the Blue Ball Magic Glow in the Dark Blanket!

🌟 Illuminate Your Nights: Experience the enchantment of glowing in the dark with our mesmerizing blanket.

🔵 Blue Ball Design: Adorned with captivating blue ball patterns that glow vibrantly in the darkness.

🛌 Ultimate Comfort: Crafted from soft, cozy fabric, ensuring a luxurious feel while you cuddle up.

🌙 Perfect for All Ages: Whether it's bedtime stories for kids or stargazing sessions for adults, this blanket adds a touch of magic to any moment.

🎁 Unique Gift Idea: Surprise your loved ones with this magical blanket, perfect for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions.

💡 No Batteries Needed: Forget about complicated setups – simply expose the blanket to light during the day, and watch it glow at night.

Transform Your Space: Add a celestial ambiance to your bedroom, living room, or camping adventures with this one-of-a-kind glow in the dark blanket.

🌟 Unleash Your Imagination: Let your creativity soar as you create glowing forts, tents, or cozy reading nooks with this versatile blanket.

💤 Sleep Soundly: Embrace the soothing glow of the Blue Ball Magic Glow in the Dark Blanket for a peaceful night's sleep like never before.

🌟Glow in the Dark throw blanket, Unique Gift for Kids!🧒👧 Soft & Warm! 

✅Charges in the day! Glows all night!
Glow in the dark Blanket with night sky objects
✅Dream ( and play) under a starry sky
✅Super soft and snuggly
✅Makes a great throw or wall decoration
✅Machine Washable
✅100% Polyester - Super Soft Plush Fabric

Color & Design: Gray (Blue Ball)
Theme: Blue Ball
Pattern: Starry
Size: Small, Large
Small: 150cm * 94cm (Approx.)
                      Large: 180cm * 150cm (Approx.)
Material: Premium Quality Flannel
Items included in the package: 1 Glow in the Blue Ball Blanket

Special Feature:

  • Glow-in-The-Dark Blanket with Night Sky Object
  • Dream And Play Under a Starry Sky
  • Super Soft and Snuggly
  • Makes a Great Throw or Wall Decoration
  • Machine Washable

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